SPSS – A Significant Tool for Research & Data Analysis in Dissertation Writing

The dissertation is considered as professional writing and is mostly misunderstood by most of the students as writing an assignment or essay. It is far beyond both of them. This is the reason that students prefer to approach professional dissertation writing help to enhance the quality of their dissertation. In the dissertation, it is not only writing that matters. It consists of a unique way of defining the topic and finding the results by collecting a sample of data and analysing the same for the best possible results and findings for the problem.

What Is SPSS?

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is one of the best and the most effective statistical tool for the analysis of scientific data. It is developed to effectively work with large variable data. It provides certain techniques that are used to analyse and transform the complex statistical data into a meaningful form. It was developed for use in the field of social sciences, however, it has expanded its operations into other fields as well.

Significance of SPSS in Organisations

Usage of SPSS is not limited, it is widely used in the organisations to analyse the data according to their needs. We are living in an era where we are experiencing dynamic changes and difficulties to pursue our daily operations. SPSS helps researchers to get knowledge about the demand of products in the market, this helps them to develop or the strategies accordingly. The main and the most basic objective of SPSS is to make the decision-making process more effective and easy. This helps organisations to take significant decisions for both the present and future.

Collection of data is one of the most difficult parts of dissertation writing while analysing the same for the suitable results has become significant and easy through SPSS. It helps to analyse data through a user-friendly interface. It is easily manageable and flexible.

Functions of SPSS

There are many options and ways of analysing the data in SPSS, or you can use different options according to the need. Let’s discuss some of the most effective options for analysing the data.

  • Z-Test

It is one of the statistical tests that is used to determine the mean of two populations and check if they are different or not, while variances of both populations are known and the provided sample size is large enough to run the z-test. It helps to deal with the large population size. It is a process used in the hypothesis that assists to decide whether to accept or reject the null hypothesis.

It was first described by the man named Erich Lehman in the late 90’s. Its specific name is because of the standard normal distribution and the “Z” is a representation of a standard normal random variable.

  • T-Test

A t-test is used to determine if there is a significant difference between the mean of two populations or not. It is also used in the process of testing the hypothesis in statistics. It requires the availability of mean, standard deviation and sample size to run the t-test. There are three main types of t-test,
Independent Sample T-test: A defined process of comparing two means of two populations.
One-Sample T-test: It includes the test of the mean for only one group against the known value of the mean.
Paired Sample T-test: This includes the process of comparing two means in a different interval of time.
People use this according to the need of the scenario for the best and significant outcomes.


ANOVA (Analysis Of Variance) is a statistical test is used to check the variance between groups. It helps to determine the significant differences between the mean of more than three groups. These groups must be independent. It was first developed and described by Ronald Fisher, that is why it is also called the fisher analysis of variance. In the end, it helps to determine if your selected model completes the assumptions of the analysis or not. There are two types of ANOVA,
One-Way ANOVA: It is used to determine the differences between groups if there’s any.
Two-Way ANOVA:  It is run when you have one group and you double-test the same group in the meantime.


SPSS is an effective statistical tool that is required for every dissertation writing. There are many other ways to analyse your data and you can easily choose one of its kind according to the need of your topic or subject, here we have discussed just the basic ones. This is one of the most difficult parts of the dissertation writing due to which students find it difficult. A wrong analysis can demolish your entire dissertation. Therefore, it is recommended for students to approach professional dissertation writing services for suitable and significant results. This can help you to get a better understanding of professional’s writing skills and the perfect and significant use of statistical tools.

SPSS – A Significant Tool for Research & Data Analysis in Dissertation Writing
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SPSS – A Significant Tool for Research & Data Analysis in Dissertation Writing
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