How to Write Effective Dissertation Introduction

Dissertation writing requires to follow some specific standards and formats. These standards are internationally recognised and cannot be changed by any mean. There is a complete set of approved format that is must to follow for custom dissertation writing. Writing an introduction part is one of the crucial segments. Certain rules are required to follow to write an introduction for the dissertation.

Many students cannot understand as to how to start their dissertation. Professional dissertation help is necessary for students to grasp the conception of the formats and standards of writing. I do understand the difficulty level of writing every part effectively and according to the standards for the dissertation. It is not easy to fulfill every requirement of 15k words. Let’s discuss in detail the format and requirements of writing an introduction for the dissertation.

Introduction – Chapter 1

The introduction is the first chapter of the dissertation out of the five chapters. A detailed list is provided to be followed while writing an introduction for the dissertation. Students must conform to establish format and styles. The approved style thesis writing is the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition), referred as APA. The Introduction chapter focuses on the introduction of the research title chosen. It should cover the problem statement and the research questions designed for the research. Let’s discuss the entire step of writing an introduction for the dissertation.

  • Background Of The Study

The background of the study includes the area of the previous researches, present information of the problem, a previous study of the problem and the history of the issue. It helps the reader to get a basic introduction about the topic. It tells readers about the significance of reading the entire dissertation.

  • Statement Of The Problem

A problem statement is one of the most important parts. The entire dissertation is based on your problem statement. Your outline of the dissertation is dependent on the problem statement. The main objective of the problem statement is to address the existing gaps in the relevant field of research. For example, you have selected the topic on some specific subject and topic, by thorough search of the research articles you will come to know the existing gaps of the study. This leads to further research.

  •  Purpose Statement

The purpose statement is a self-explanatory term. It defines the goals and primary objectives of writing the entire dissertation. It helps readers to get an accurate understanding of what exactly has been discussed in the entire document. It should be specific and concise, generally of two or three lines. It further should be clear and goal-oriented.

  • Research Objectives

Research objectives define the main objective of the entire dissertation that is meant to be achieved throughout the writing procedure. It provides further direction until the end of the dissertation. It defines the focus of the study and the variables that are going to be used later in the dissertation.

  • Research Questions

The research question defines the specific concern about the study and tells you what exactly you want to know about that specific concern. The main issue of the study is the research question of your dissertation. Many things are needed to be considered while developing a research question, such as that question should be easy to understand and answerable.

  • Significance Of The Study

The dissertation is meant to be a contribution from your side in the relevant field of the study. The significance of the study describes what exactly would be achieved by writing the entire dissertation in the specific field of the study and how it will be beneficial in the relevant field.

  • Scope Of The Study

The scope of the study includes all the things that will be covered in the entire document. It limits the research and tells the reader that what exactly will be discussed in the whole dissertation. This is the reason that it is in the introduction part of the dissertation so that you can find the path to complete your dissertation.

  • Structure Of The Study

It defines the complete structure of the research and the entire outline of the dissertation. It further defines the progression of your writing throughout the process of the dissertation.

  • Definition Of The Terms

In this part of the introduction definitions of the main terms are provided for a better understanding of the key terms that are used in the dissertation.

Formats and styles


Heading should be capitalised at the beginning of chapters. New chapters should start on new pages with the first line of the paragraph indented. After the sub-headings, the first line of the paragraph is also indented.


Set margins to 1½ inches at the left side and 1 inch at the top, bottom, and right side. Do not justify the right margins.


Double-space everything including subsections. Tables, figures, and appendixes may be the exceptions when necessary for clarity or visual effectiveness.

Acceptable Fonts for Printing Thesis

The only font recommended when printing a thesis is Times New Roman. The font size must be 12-point all along with the document. Typefaces that are compressed are highly discouraged and should not be used.


Headings within a manuscript identify different sections and subsections. In an APA-style manuscript, you can have anywhere from one to five levels of headings. When setting up your paper, if there is no room at the end of a page to include text under a heading, put the new heading on the next page.


As discussed these are the internationally approved standards of writing that are essential to be followed while writing a dissertation. This is exactly what many professional dissertation writing services providers follow to prepare a custom dissertation writing.

How to Write Effective Dissertation Introduction
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