Significance and Types of Research Paper

Research is an academic writing that is a requirement of every university. The students must write a dissertation if they wish to clear the program. It is a descriptive type of writing and is considered as one of the most significant ones out of the other writing types. Due to the importance of the task students try to approach to experience the writing of the professional, as there are many firms that provide professional dissertation writing services online.

What Is Research Paper?

A research paper is an independent research based on the selected topic. In particular, the research includes the main description of the subject and the explanation of the results and findings. The main objective of the research paper is to provide deep knowledge of the specific topic while providing authentic evidence at the same time. It develops the ability to find the required information through various logical and relevant literature reviews.

Significance of the Research Paper

Due to its descriptive writing style, it is the most popular and authentic source of reliable information. Due to its effectiveness, it has become a requirement of higher academics that is a must for every student. A research paper provides certain benefits to the specific and interested audience based on the results and findings. It is a perfect tool for acquiring knowledge. One of its objectives is to provide solutions to various problems or talk about general issues with logical evidence. It is widely used and has become a necessity for every business. Organisations have an R&D department that does the relevant research and development for the sake of the organisation’s growth. There is a part of the research paper that calls the hypothesis statement, the provided statement can result in yes or no, based on the statistical test of the provided sample out of the total population. The result shows if the provided statement has some significance in the relevant field or not. The research paper is meant to be a contribution in the selected field, so it has to be reliable, relevant, full of quality, and all of the other basic requirements that are necessary for the custom dissertation writing.

Types of the Research Paper

Yes, there are various kinds of research papers. If you are provided with a certain task it is something that you should already know the required style of writing. We will discuss some of the main types of research papers.

Analytical Research Paper

This particular type of research paper focuses on answering the questions. It the beginning research questions are developed in the very first chapter. The entire research is conducted to answer and to evaluate the results and findings of the paper. You have to note the findings of the other researches and to provide your conclusion. It is essential to stay on the neutral ground instead of providing positive or negative points of view.

Argumentative/Persuasive Research Paper

This is a type of research paper that requires a unique process. At the beginning of the paper, you have to provide two points of view, for example, “Positive impact of using mobile phones on our brain” & “Negative impact of using mobile phones on our brain”. Once providing the two points of view, you have to write the merits and demerits of both of the statements. At last, stick to the one statement and provide sufficient logical evidence to persuade the attention of the readers to that selected statement. It is essential to provide statistical data on the findings.

Definition Paper

This particular type of research paper is based on the purpose of providing relevant information to the readers. There is no concept of providing a personal opinion of the author in the definition paper. It doesn’t prefer to analyse the facts. It includes the same facts as the other research paper.

Cause And Effect Research Paper

Cause and effect research papers are mostly used in the school, college and university level. This helps students to develop their skills in providing the answer to the question by providing logical evidences with statistical data. In this type you have to create a situation, then describing the cause and effects of the provided statement, and at last, provide the conclusion based on your personal opinion.

Interpretative Research Paper

In this specific type of research paper, knowledge is gained through the perfect use of a case study. This is also one of the main activities that are preferred in the schools and colleges that students are provided with some specific case studies and are asked to provide the solutions keeping in mind the limitations of the topic.

Experimental Research Paper

The experimental research paper is based on the specific experiment. It is mostly used for scientific subjects, such as physics, chemistry, biology and many more. The main objective of the experiment is to elaborate on the results and findings through different logical actions. After the experiments, results and the supporting data are analysed in deep to provide the effective conclusion of the research paper.

Significance and Types of Research Paper
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