Top 5 Tips to Write an Academic Research Article

Writing an article is one of the common things for every higher education. It includes writing for all kinds of subjects and helps to put a contribution in the respective field from the writer. Writing a research article is unlike other academic writing activities. It demands a lot of commitment and interest in the writing for quality and significant results. It includes all the big subjects such as mathematics, finance, business management, nursing, law, engineering, English, psychology, physiology, and many more. Writing a dissertation for one of the detailed subjects is never easy for the students as the dissertation writing requires 5000 to 15000 words depending on the nature of the requirement. It is a complex procedure for the students to understand these requirements. Online dissertation writing services is one of the ways to get the right direction of meeting the standards and the guidelines provided by your instructor.

Importance of Writing an Article

The entire process of the research is full of benefits for the students as it helps them to enhance many skills throughout the research. It takes many efforts to be a professional dissertation writer. The help of the experts can also assist students to see the right direction and to provide comprehensive attention to the key concepts and to the demands that are mandatory for the dissertation writing process.

 Let’s see and discuss the top 5 tips to write an effective academic article.

 Selecting The Topic Wisely

Selecting the topic for the article is one of the most difficult and important factors for the students to understand. Your entire research article is dependent on the selected topic. Always make sure that you keep your boundaries selected and relevant so that there should be no barriers throughout the procedure of writing. Every student has to write a dissertation based on their selected specialisation which can be finance, law, business management, and many others. Now, most students get confused as to how to select the topic of dissertation writing. It is a recommendation for the students to select at least 20 research articles or journals through authentic sources of information. Read the entire research articles and select the topic based on these articles so that they can help you in supporting the selected topic of the dissertation.

 Understanding of The Topic

It is highly recommended for students to first understand the entire context of the writing and the concepts that are necessary for the selected topic of the dissertation. As discussed earlier, it is unlike other academic writing activities. It is not like an assignment or an essay writing. Dissertation writing demands to have complete knowledge about the selected topic and the core concepts which are considered as the key to the subject and the selected topic. Without having a good understanding and knowledge about the topic it is impossible for everyone how to write an effective dissertation. A lack of knowledge always distracts the mind of the readers and lowers the quality of the research article.

 Avoid Plagiarism in The Writing

If you want to make your dissertation more reliable and authentic, it is essential to first learn the procedures and the techniques that are a must for the Plagiarism free writing results. Professional dissertation help can assist you in understanding these procedures that are considered mandatory for the research and for all other academic writing activities. Plagiarism is one of the most annoying things that students have to face in all of their academic writing activities and it occurs when someone tries to copy the exact wording or the thoughts and showing the same as their own. Plagiarism is also considered an illegal activity and one can be fined heavily if found guilty of plagiarism the dissertation writing. Teachers or all allowed to cancel the dissertation writing based on plagiarism. Therefore, it is highly recommended to the students to make sure 0% plagiarism before submitting the same to the instructor. There are many online plagiarism checker tools available where students can easily approach and confirm the plagiarism in the dissertation writing.

Give importance to the structure

 It is much necessary to first understand the structure of the dissertation writing before even thinking of writing anything about the select a topic of the dissertation. There are reasons for every academic writing activities this is the reason that every activity is different from the previous one. The structure helps the writing to achieve its objectives and gives the results that are much needed for the entire writing. Every academic writing activity has a different structure. There is no doubt that the structure of a research article is a detailed process and it is not easy for the student to understand the requirements of the structure. The structure of the dissertation writing consists of 5 chapters and every chapter has its various components.


Once you’re done with writing a research article, make sure that you read it carefully while concentrating on the grammatical and the other mistakes throughout the writing. You can also give it to your friend to prove it. However, to make your dissertation writing more authentic, you can also find professional dissertation proofreading and editing services. Always make sure to first confirm the quality and the writing of the research article before submitting the same to the teacher.

Top 5 Tips to Write an Academic Research Article
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Top 5 Tips to Write an Academic Research Article
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