Dissertation Writing Using APA Format

There is no hesitation that there is a huge number of requirements for conducting research and it is unlike all other academic writing activities that students have to face throughout their academic life. The thesis is one of the basic requirements for every college and university student. They have to perform a certain task mostly in the final semester of the program they have to select their topic based on the specialisation and to conduct research on the same. It may sound easy but it is a tough task especially for the students as this is the first time that students interact with the dissertation writing.

Writing a dissertation requires to have a good amount of knowledge about the selected topic of the dissertation so that students can effectively contribute to the respective field of academics through dissertation writing. Along with the huge amount of words and information, it is necessary for the students to meet the requirements of specific formats and the structure of the research. Normally these requirements are provided by the instructors that what if that format you want to use throughout your research.

Most students cannot understand the requirements of the format and structure. APA (American Psychological Association) is one of the most well-known formats for dissertation writing which is widely used throughout the globe as per the requirements of the situation. It is important for the students to had good knowledge about these formats as they are mandatory for every dissertation writing. However, also go for the online dissertation help to get the right knowledge about the APA format and all other requirements for custom dissertation writing.

What Is APA Formatting?

APA is one of the writing styles and formats which is used throughout academic writings.  It is specifically used for University students. These academic writings can be research journals, research articles, books, and many other sources of information. It is normally used to cite the sources as per the requirements. It was first originated in the year 1929 and took 10 years to update its publication manual. There is a new 6th edition that came out in the year 2009.

How to Format Your Paper in APA Style?

Here are some of the basic considerations if you didn’t instructor has asked you to format your thesis in APA style including margins, font and font-size, line spacing, page numbering, title page, running hand, order, and different parts of your thesis like your abstract, references, and any figure or appendices. Students have to keep in mind that these are only general requirements and guidelines, if your instructor has provided anything different from APA guidelines, make sure that you confirm and check out with your instructor.

Let’s start with the basic information about formatting the people,

  1. APA recommends using one-inch margins on the top bottom left and right of each page and also recommends using Times New Roman 12-point font. It is important for the students to note down that your entire paper should be double spaced and your page numbers should be appearing in the top right-hand corner and all pages should be numbered including the title page and your reference list.
  2. Like the rest of your thesis, your title page should have one-inch margins 12 point times new Roman font and should be double spaced. The title page of your thesis should be centered and in the upper half of the page. Don’t put the title in larger, bold, Italic, or anything in the colour font. When you are deciding on a title AP recommends that it should not be more than 12 words long and should not contain any kind of abbreviations. Furthermore, it should summaries the main idea of your thesis.  Your name must appear under the title of your thesis followed by the name of your University. If your instructor requires any further information on the title page, make sure to follow the same as per the requirements.
  3. Students are advised to also indicate on the title page of the thesis what your people’s running head will be. A running head is an abbreviated or short version of your title. It should go in the top left-hand corner of every page of a paper including the title page and the reference list. It should be written in all capital letters and be of a maximum of 50 characters and this includes spaces and punctuations.
  4. After the title page, it’s time for the Abstract where you have to briefly use 150 to 250 words summary of your thesis and should go on a separate page. Follow the instructions provided by your Inspector on how to write your abstract or what are the limitations and the restrictions. The Abstract is followed by the main body of your thesis then by your reference list followed by any figures and finally any appendices you may have. How you format your citations for your reference list will depend on the type of source you are citing for.
  5. Students can also approach to see page numbers 25 to 27 of the APA manual which is easily available throughout the internet and different sources of information.


Understanding and learning different styles of formatting throughout academic writing can be helpful for the students. These writing structures and formats are highly demanded in professional life as well. However, the following discussed information about APA formatting will definitely help students to understand and complete the dissertation writing as per the requirements and the guidelines provided by the instructor.

Dissertation Writing Using APA Format
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Dissertation Writing Using APA Format
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