2021 Step By Step Guide On How To Write Your Best Dissertation

If you are required to start your academic dissertation, it means that your educational journey is in the most important and final stage. The prime purpose of this writing activity is to demonstrate your skills and ability to research for the specialisation that you had selected at the beginning of your post-graduate program.

You have to present the results through unique and genuine content to contribute to the selected field of academics. Your dissertation should be unique from all other publications in the field. It should be interesting in order to catch the interest of the readers. It is a type of activity that is different from all other assignments.

What Is A Dissertation?

A dissertation is a final project for every undergraduate and post-graduate degree. This degree is awarded to those students who have successfully completed and submitted their thesis in a mean time frame. Students who fail to submit on time, or for any reason, cannot get the desired degree at any cost. A dissertation is the final step towards the achievement of your academic career.

Importance Of Research

Research is the most effective tool to make the right decisions at the right time. It allows students to develop some best skills that are also required in professional and social life, rather than only academic purposes. It enhances the knowledge of the students on their selected specialisation. Furthermore, it’s your lifetime achievement and a great opportunity to showcase your research abilities. This is why dissertation is a mandatory activity for each student.

Why Dissertation Is So Complex?

You might start your dissertation with exceptional enthusiasm, but the process of this final project can make your enthusiasm gloom. The entire process of relevant research and writing can be the toughest and challenging task that students ever had faced. You might get many hinders throughout the way, however, in the end, it is so rewarding for the students.

Common Problems When Writing A Dissertation

Undoubtedly, there are multiple problems that students have to deal with when writing a thesis. However, students can easily cope up with the problems if follow the right process of writing the dissertation. Let’s discuss some of the basic problems that students have to face throughout the process of relevant research and writing;

Insufficient Research

It is the most common issue among the students. They think that few relevant sources of information would be enough. However, a lack of research would leave you nowhere. You can’t meet the requirements of such lengthy writing with just a little information. It is important to thoroughly research the topic so that you can get complete knowledge of the selected topic. Complete knowledge would only come when you research hard.


Students think that they have plenty of time for their research and writing. This vague thought restrains them to start their task. Students find themselves in deep water as the deadline of submission approaches. The timeframe of writing and research is set forth according to the complexities and time taking factors so that students can give ample time to each component.

If you already have delayed your task, it is an indication to get dissertation help.   

Inadequate Writing Skills

Dissertation demands following uncompromising rules of writing. It doesn’t matter what title of dissertation you have selected, you have to follow the right style of writing, language, vocabulary, format, grammar, spelling, and structure to meet the standards effectively.

Plagiarism Outcomes

Intentionally or unintentionally, students always end up with plagiarism results in the writing. It is one of the most irritating factors that affect the self-confidence of the students. Sometimes students try their best to steer clear of plagiarism, but still get the results full of plagiarism. It is something that is not accepted by the instructors and your task can be refused on the basis of plagiarism results.

Never hesitate to ask for help if you are worried about plagiarism in your writing. Go to your instructor or any other professional, and they can help you define the process of avoiding plagiarism effectively and efficiently.

What Are The Steps Involved For Writing A Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation is a step by step process. You need to give enough amount of time to each step so that you can easily connect the next step with the previous information.

Here are is a step by step guide to writing a winning dissertation;

Write A Victorious Dissertation Proposal

We already have discussed that what is a dissertation. However, what is a dissertation proposal?

It is a self-explanatory term. It is a proposal about work that you are going to do for the dissertation. The objective of the proposal is to persuade the dissertation committee members that you are going to work on an interesting, relevant, and valuable topic to pay a contribution in the same field of specialisation. It is obviously shorter than a dissertation. However, regardless of its size, it is equally important. You have to plan and think of the research questions that are relevant and valuable to the studies.

Even if the dissertation proposal is not a requirement, make sure that you create one for the sake of your own understanding. Once you have created a dissertation proposal document, try to share it with your instructor. This will help you to find and follow the right path from the very beginning of the task.

Here are few important considerations when creating a  dissertation proposal. Let’s see them in detail;

Select The Title And Questions

You need to be clear about what exactly you are going to do throughout your dissertation. The purpose of the proposal is to set a base for your dissertation. You need to answer few questions;

  • What is the issue you are going to confront throughout the dissertation?
  • Why is it an issue for the specialisation that you had selected?
  • Why you should look for the solution to the problem?
  • How would you search for the answers to the research questions?
  • What are the reasons for selecting a specific topic?

The above-mentioned questions are necessary to answer to get a clear understanding of what you are thinking to do in your dissertation. This process gives you an objective to research. Without having any purpose, you cannot write a winning thesis.

Structure Of Dissertation Proposal

The structure of the dissertation proposal is so important. Make sure that you understand and follow the same for the best results.

  • Title Of The Dissertation: You have to select a title for your dissertation and get it approved through your university dissertation committee.
  • Statement Of The Problem: In your proposal, explain the problem that you are going to work on, in order to get an idea if the selected problem is worth working for or not.
  • Objectives Of Research: Try to provide more than three to four objectives of your research. Providing more than three to four objectives means that you are not clear about the objectives.
  • Background history: Define what previous researchers have to say about the selected topic of your dissertation. The topic must have some best previously researched articles so that you can support the claims and arguments in your dissertation.
  • Research Questions and Hypothesis: The research questions are the backbone of your dissertation and should be mentioned in your proposal. Make sure to develop research questions according to the objectives of your research.
  • Literature:  Make sure that you mention the sources of relevant information that you are going to use throughout your dissertation.
  • Research Methodology: You need to explain the methods of collecting the data for analysis. The methods of collecting the data can be, questionnaires, surveys, observations, experiments, interviews, case studies, and many others.
  • Limitations Of Research: Briefly define the limitation of your research.
  • TimeFrame Of Submission: Make and show the schedule to the committee members to explain that how you will organise your research in a limited timeframe.
  • References: Providing references in the dissertation proposal varies from university to university requirements. Ask your instructor to guide you with the same requirement.

Conduct A Thorough Research

Your dissertation is entirely dependent on the level of research that you are conducting. The selected sources should be significant and relevant so that you don’t have to waste your precious time reading ineffective and irrelevant information. Mentioned below are few tips that can help you to conduct effective research for your topic;

Timeframe For Research

You must comprehend each and everything about the selected topic so that you can provide better and relevant arguments and claims in your research. However, you have to stop researching at a certain point or somewhere. Most students misunderstand this and keep reading whatever they get about the topic.

Instead, set forth a limited time frame for research purposes. You don’t have to spend your entire time on any one section of the dissertation alone, as there are many other sections as well that demands a good amount of time for better results.

Find The Best Sources Of Information

The internet is the best source for gathering all types of information. However, you don’t necessarily have to trust everything on the internet. Make sure that check the information before using it in your dissertation. It should be a credible and reliable source. One of the most authentic sources is Google Scholar. You can find credible and well-cited research articles for almost all types of topics.

Avoid using Wikipedia for research as it is not a credible source of information. However, it can lead you towards some relevant journals and articles through a references list.  However, your university library is also a good source to get the desired information. You can simply ask the librarian to find you some relevant articles for research purposes.

Organise The Information

Finding the information is the only thing to do unless you organise the same in the most appropriate manner. You might go through multiple sources that are relevant, but there are chances that key points that you have gathered might slip away from your mind. The best way to retain knowledge is to regularly take notes. Make sure that you note down every important point on a piece of paper or a word document. Once you are done with your research and taking notes, now organise the information on the notes accordingly.

This process will benefit you dramatically as you don’t have to, again and again, visit the same source for the same information.

Start Writing

After your dissertation proposal and research, now it’s time to move towards the final stages of the dissertation, that is writing.

I have seen most of the students having confidence in the research, however, when it comes to writing, many of them lose their confidence. It is okay to be worried about it, but you have been too good so far, just start writing. Everything will become easy and effective if you plan accordingly.

Create An Outline

The dissertation proposal itself is an initial outline. However, you need to create a separate outline for the entire dissertation. There are chances that your research or writing process would take you away in an unforeseen direction. Therefore, make sure to create an outline in order to stay on the right track of writing.

Let’s see a complete outline of the dissertation to get a complete idea;

The Introduction

The introduction is the first chapter of the dissertation. The main objective of the introduction section is to provide background problems and problem statements. It is necessary to explain the research purpose along with the research questions. Make sure that you come up with definitions of the key terms in relation to the selected topic. At last, never forget to reveal the assumption and expectations of the research. This helps the audience to understand your research objective from the very beginning of the document.

Literature Review

A literature review is the most important section of the dissertation. You have to provide complete details of the literature using previously research articles and journals.

Research Methodology

Here you have to define the methodology of research, whether you are going to conduct quantitative or qualitative research. Quantitative research includes observations, structured interviews, and experiments. However, there are many other forms of as well. On the other hand, qualitative research is based on different modules, such as in-depth interviews, participant or non-participant observations, focus groups, and many more. Each module is selected as per the requirement of the case, as each one of them are selected to get some certain type of data.

Results And  Findings

In order to show your intellectual capacity, make sure that you show some concern to this chapter of the dissertation. You might have got some good results and findings, but if you fail to briefly explain them, believe me, it is of no use. In this particular section of the dissertation, make sure that you restate the research questions. Always explain the results and findings while explaining their results on the selected variables. In short, you have to answer your research questions in detail.


The conclusion is the final chapter of the dissertation. Here you have to summarise your overall research while briefly explaining the results of your study simultaneously. Your findings are the contribution to the selected field of academics, so make sure that you explain your findings in the best possible way. Provide the recommendations for future research at the end of the conclusion chapter.

Furthermore, you have to propose some future research in order to further clarify the problem. Never forget to explain the reason for a suggestion for further research and the form of research.

Time Management

Managing time for the dissertation is the most difficult yet effective thing. It is difficult to manage such a huge document that includes thorough research and writing at the same time. The best practice to cope up with the timer management issues is to create a schedule of work. A lot of specific time for each chapter and component of the outline. This will help you to significantly work for each section so no part of the dissertation falls behind in time.

Set some achievable goals. For example, a lot 15 straight days to the research process so that you gather all the important information of the topic. Similarly, set some time for each component to get the desired results of writing.

Make The First Draft Of Dissertation

There is nothing special at this point. You just have to follow each and every process mentioned above and start writing without any hesitation. However, self-confidence plays an important role in writing a thesis. If you still finding the process difficult, don’t compromise on your grades and instantly get assistance to timely submit your dissertation and comprehend the topic as well.

Proofreading And Editing

After writing your dissertation, don’t relax. You might think that it’s over, but there is a lot to do yet. Editing is not an easy task it demands your focus and time at the same time to find and edit the mistakes in a long dissertation document. Don’t leave your task in the very final stages unless you fully complete it. After crafting a draft for your dissertation, don’t hurry for the diting at the same time.

Relax, you need some time off from your thesis in order to make your mind fresh enough to find the mistakes and gaps in the writing. You can take a break of a couple of days before you start editing your final project.


There is a big difference between proofreading and editing. The editing is more focused on the core factors, while proofreading is all about the form of the writing. This is why you should start with the editing first and then proofreading. It would be stupid to correct the paper without removing or adding unnecessary or necessary information.

You need to focus on the arguments if there are any gaps in the given information. Don’t get worried if you find some gaps in the writing. Simply fill those gaps with the information that you have gathered throughout the research process.

Note: Never run for the quantity, rather than focus on the clarity and quality of the information, arguments, and claims in the dissertation.


Proofreading is the last and the most important part of the dissertation. Once you are done with everything required for the paper, make sure that you thoroughly look for the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes throughout the paper. Actively read each word, paragraph, and sentence. It might be difficult for you to look for your own mistakes in the writing.

If you still feel that your dissertation is not up to the internationally approved standards, don’t hesitate to look for professional help. This will support you to recognise the procedures and the standards of producing a quality paper regardless of any topic.

Look For Feedback

Prior to submission of your paper, make certain that you get some feedback first. You can ask your colleagues or friends to proofread it for you. This can give you an idea about the quality of your paper and if you have followed the right process. You can also consider their suggestions for the good of paper. Finally, take your paper to your instructor and they can guide you with the flaws and the goods in the paper.

It is true that this task is a challenge for the students. However, many students can’t cope up with this challenge due to various reasons. You cannot survive or get the desired degree without submitting and clearing a thesis. So, it is okay if you ask some professional to write my dissertation, rather than submitting an irrelevant paper and getting fail for the final project.

Key Takeaways:

Most of the students cannot cope up with the paper writing challenges due to its complex nature and process. As a student, you need to understand that you have all the way to the last step of your academic career, and there is no way back, but to finally earn your degree. There should be no hesitation in finding and availing the dissertation writing services if you can’t manage time, or for any other reasons.

A dissertation is not an easy task. You have to show your hard work and interest to pass this final step of your academic career. This complete guide is specifically pro0duced for the students to complete their dissertation effectively and efficiently while meeting the standards of 2021 dissertation standards.